True story of a Genome Explorer

"We Want Our Genome Story” is a true story about a genome adventure.True story of a Genome Explorer

The true story of a Genome Explorer is about my journey. I tell it via my avatar, Artist, in the book “We Want Our Genome Story.” I’m an artist who writes, draws, and talks about the beauty and value of genomic science. I’ve been an active participant in the Genomics Revolution since having my mitochondrial DNA tested by the Genographic Project.

That was in 2005. Early days when DNA results were fuzzy, ancestry-only portraits. But I was mesmerized by the possibilities and thrilled to be part of ongoing scientific discovery. I dove into drawing and writing about human evolution and our DNA. Life was good and creative flurries ensued (see some).

Then shock. My doctor found I had colon cancer. That was 2014 when medicine was fuzzy, general population-only treatments. I had surgery, chemo infusions, and as I got healthy became determined to write about my real-life journey as a Storm Chaser and Genome Explorer.

Now it’s 2020, and the Genomics Revolution is transforming our everyday lives. “We Want Our Genome Story” eBook is my proclamation to inspire all of us to be genomic-literate and science-savvy citizens. As the first generation to have our whole-genome data, we have responsibilities to guide just and ethical public-government policies. Future generations are counting on us to get it right.