Digital Book: “We Want Our Genome Story”

Digital Book: “We Want Our Genome Story”

“We Want Our Genome Story” Interactive Digital Book

“We Want Our Genome Story” is an interactive digital book for all humans at any age. It’s about a person named Artist asking questions about her genome. Determined to find answers, she flies out of her studio on a search for knowledge.

When Artist asks, “What is a genome?” she follows the “Genome Explorer” path to fascinating research. When she wonders, “Can science fix my genes if I get sick?” Artist takes the “Storm Chaser” path to get help with her genetic disease.

What does she learn? Does she get healthy? Will Artist return to draw and write about her journey? Here’s a hint: Whether young or young-at-heart, we are all Genome Explorers on a journey, learning together.

Find the hidden layers! Peek inside. There are buttons that open layers with snippets of science. Some ask quirky questions. Others have tantalizing hints. They all link to stuff you don’t want to miss: explanations of current research, podcasts, videos, scientific papers, and interviews with scientists. With easy-to-understand content, you’ll learn how fantastic our genomes genuinely are.

Would you like to know when it’s published? ”We Want Our Genome Story” digital-book will be available in 2021 on Apple Books. Send an email to me, Artist (at), and I’ll let you know when the digital book is ready for purchase.

Publisher: Fellman Studio Inc.
ISBN and price: to be determined

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