Digital book: “We Want Our Genome Story”

Digital book: “We Want Our Genome Story”

“We Want Our Genome Story” digital book.

“We Want Our Genome Story” is an interactive art and science digital book for all humans of any age. It’s about a person named Artist asking questions about her genome. Determined to find answers, she flies out of her studio, searching for knowledge. It’s a hero’s journey we all share.

60 story pages with full-color illustrations depicting Artist’s journey. Each page also has questions that entice you to hop to the “Discover more” chapter to learn about genomics. Reading level: Young kids and grownups.

80 science pages of words and graphics in the “Discover more” chapter that explains the science. Plus, interviews with scientists and expert resources such as podcasts, animations, and Twitter threads. Reading level: 6th grade and grownups.

Would you like to know when it’s published? ”We Want Our Genome Story” digital book will be available in 2023 from Apple Books. Send an email to me, Artist (at), and I’ll let you know when it’s ready for purchase.

Publisher: Fellman Studio Inc.
ISBN and price: to be determined


A story for all humans of any age.

The illustrated story:  This interactive digital book takes you into the heart of the Genomic Revolution. Follow Artist, the hero and intrepid Genome Explorer, on a journey to discover our magnificent genomes. Will Artist get her Genome Story and return to her studio to draw and write about her journey? Here’s a hint: Whether young or young-at-heart, we’re all students exploring our genomes together.

The science story: There are links to stuff you don’t want to miss — explanations of current research, podcasts, videos, scientific papers, and interviews with scientists. With easy-to-understand content, you’ll learn how fantastic our genomes genuinely are.

Would you like to know more? Watch the video with examples from the book. Check out my post “Artist for Genomics” for more about my materials and methods to make us genome-literate. Learn from the scientific experts at the Human Genome Project, “one of the great feats of scientific exploration in history.”

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