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Structural Variation Fine Art Prints

Coming soon: Artwork for the prints will be available Spring, 2020. In the meantime, here is some background about the series:

Have you had your DNA tested? Then you know something about your genetic ancestry and perhaps implications for your health. But it’s only a rough sketch of your biology since direct-to-consumer companies (DTC) test less than 2% of your DNA.

There is so much more to your genome story from scientific research that’s not only fascinating, yet deeply personal. That’s my motivation for the “Structural Variation” series of prints — to illuminate areas of basic research that will light up your genome with new and relevant knowledge that DTC tests don’t provide.

About the artwork: The prints originated as pastel paintings on bristol paper. The paintings were digitized and then manipulated to mimic the insertions, deletions, and repetitive elements that drive structural variation. The finished work is printed on museum-quality, archival paper with pigment inks.

About the science: Regions of structural variation in our genomes are “dark zones” because many of the large duplications and long repetitive elements are difficult to map. Deciphering the zones is essential for the impact on the health of people alive today, as well as the role in human evolution. Dr. Evan Eichler at the University of Washington, calls them “crucibles of evolution, diversity, and disease.”

What’s included: To be determined
Details: To be determined
Size: To be determined

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