SciArt Greeting Cards

SciArt Greeting Cards

SciArt Greeting Cards

This set of six, unique greeting card designs includes two “Thank You” cards, two “Happy Birthday” cards, one “Sympathy,” and one “New Baby.” The cards are blank on the inside. Each one has a special phrase on the front:

  • One thank you card has this greeting: “grazie, thank you, merci, gracias, danke. “Single nucleotide polymorphisms” is wrapped around the double helix.
  • The other thank you card says: Muchas gracias, thank you very much, merci beaucoup. Tiny life forms evolved billions of years ago thanks to the invention of RNA and DNA.
  • One happy birthday card has this greeting: Happy sequential birthday! Unlike the numerical sequence of our birthday, our DNA is written as a series of letters — ATCG. Everyone’s sequence is unique.
  • The other happy birthday card says: Happy Birthday! You’re not old! Consider the creatures from the Cambrian Era that lived 540 million years ago. What a bunch of fossils!
  • Sympathy card says, “condolences, memories, sincere compassion for your loss.”
  • Congratulations! New Baby! card says, “the beginning of life on our planet started in the ocean 3.5 billion years ago. Molecules combined, replicated, and tiny life forms were born.”

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Size: The greeting cards are 5 x 7-inches and blank on the inside.


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