Double Helix Notecards

Double Helix Notecards

Double Helix Notecards

Congratulate an award-winning colleague or thank a lab mate with a colorful “Double Helix” notecard. Each one is a little bit different and specially made for the artist and scientist in us.

Size: The notecards are 4.25 x 5.5-inches and blank on the inside.

What’s included: One package contains six unique notecard designs and six white envelopes. Shipping is free within the continental United States.



Our dynamic genome.

Celebrate the dynamic quality of our genome with this set of six unique “Double Helix Notecards.” Inspired by the woven patterns from African mud-cloth textiles, the vibrant designs have the double helix and chromosomes dancing through the many-layered, colorful shapes.

Check outArtist for Genomics” for more about my materials and methods to make us genome-literate. Read about “one of the great feats of scientific exploration,” the Human Genome Project, for the science that inspires my work.

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