Dark Zone Note Cards
Dark Zone Note Cards

The note cards are a set of six unique designs interpreting the dark zones of our genomes — regions that hide structural variation. But there isn’t anything shadowy going on.

Regions of structural variation in our genomes are “dark” because many large duplications and long repetitive elements are difficult to map. Deciphering the zones is essential for the impact on the health of people alive today, as well as the role they played in human evolution..

Are you curious to know more? When you receive your cards, look on the back for an explanation of the science behind the image. The note cards are created to ignite curiosity about the science-in-you and the basic research that lights up your genome with new knowledge.

What’s included: One package contains six note cards and six white envelopes. The cards are blank on the inside. Free shipping.

Size: The note cards measure 4.25 x 5.5-inches.


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