Bio Notecards

Bio Notecards

Bio Notecards

This set of six, 5 x 7-inch Bio Notecards are the perfect genome-themed all-occasion cards to have on hand for any scientific anniversary, grant award, or published paper celebration.

What’s included: One package contains six, 5 x 7-inch cards, and six white envelopes. Shipping is free.

Size: These are large notecards! They measure 5 x 7-inches.



Bio Notecards

The Bio Notecards are small, selected pieces from a tall, six-foot-tall digital painting titled “Unfolding the Natural Science and History of Life.”

The large work visually narrates the unwinding of the DNA molecule from the double helix to nucleosomes, chromatin, and into the familiar shape of a chromosome. Underneath the minuscule bits are translucent shapes floating above a rich, deep-hued background that mimic our biology’s dark regions in nano-space.

Check outArtist for Genomics” for more about my materials and methods to make us genome-literate. And for the science that inspires my work, read about “one of the great feats of scientific exploration,” the Human Genome Project.

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