Admixture Cards

Admixture Cards

Admixture Cards

Six, genomic-themed designs are selected from other sets to make up this “Admixture” set of cards. There are two 5 x 7-inch greeting cards; “Thank You” and “Birthday.” One 5 x 7-inch “Bio” notecard and three 4.25 x 5.5-inch notecards in two designs; “Double Helix” and “Dark Zone.”

All the cards are blank on the inside. The greeting cards have a special phrase on the front:

  • The thank you card says, “grazie, thank you, merci, gracias, danke,” and “single nucleotide polymorphisms” is wrapped around a drawing of the double helix.
  • The happy birthday card says, “Happy Sequential Birthday,” and in smaller text, “unlike the numerical sequence of our birthday, our DNA is written as a series of letters — ATCG. Everyone’s sequence is unique.”

What’s included: One package contains six cards and six white envelopes. Shipping is free.

Did you know? Genetic admixture is a term used in the study of human evolution, referring to the interbreeding between individuals from reproductively isolated populations. That means when our ancestors mated, they exchanged portions of DNA with other archaic humans. This admixture introduced new genetic variants into modern human lineages.


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