We Want Our Genome Story eBook

Interactive eBook for all humans at any age.

“We Want Our Genome Story” is about a person named Artist curious about her genome. She puzzels, “What is the Genome Revolution?” Determined to find out, she flies out her studio on a search for knowledge.

When she asks, What is a genome?” Artist follows the path to fascinating research. When she wonders, “Can science fix my genes if I get sick?” Artist takes the other path to get help with her genetic disease.

What does she learn? Does she get healthy? Will Artist return to draw and write about her journey? Here is a hint: Whether young or young-at-heart, we are all Genome Explorers learning from each other.

For Genome Explorers like you.

Not a guide to the best consumer genetic kit, “We Want Our Genome Story,” is for millions of us who already have our DNA data. We are a vanguard of Genome Explorers. We want to know more and what’s coming next.
That would be WGS — Whole Genome Sequencing. It reads all of your DNA in a big data set. It’s a seismic shift from current, short-read methods. There’s much more happening in the Era of the Social Genome.  Artist is your guide to the potential and possibilities, the wonder and beauty in our Genome Stories. And why it’s essential to be genome-literate in the Twenty-first Century.

Dig into the science behind the story.

More than a story

A person named Artist is curious about genomics – the study of all our DNA. She wonders, “I say DNA. They say genome. What’s the diff?” The questions she asks are just a start. Tap on the buttons, and you’ll find there’s a whole lot more going on behind her story.

Find hidden layers

The buttons open layers with snippets of science. Some ask quirky questions. Others have tantalizing hints. They all link to stuff you don’t want to miss. When you find all of the science behind Artist’s story, you’ll be amazed at how genome-smart you can be.

Fascinating science

Follow the links to explanations of current research. Plus, links to podcasts, videos, scientific papers, and interviews with scientists Artist meets on her journey. With easy-to-understand content, you’ll learn how fantastic our genomes truly are.

What is a genome?

Artist says genome. You say DNA. What’s the diff? When Artist says genome, she is talking about all of your DNA. What if you could get all of it? Data from all of your genes and the regions in between?

Have you used a consumer-style genetic test? Most read less than 1% of your DNA. Shocking but true. That’s what sequencing your whole genome will deliver. It’s the tech behind the Genomics Revolution. What will your whole genome data say?

Well, what can you imagine? When you have all of your Genome Story, Who knows what treasures you may find.

Did you know?

We are a mosaic of genomes. Each of us has a single, unique genome, made up of DNA from our chromosomes and mitochondria. But we can “carry” more than one, making us a mosaic of slightly different genomes. Like mutations in the cells in our tissues that change our genetic sequence. The changes are usually harmless, but some cells have mutations that could contribute to cancer. Now that scientists can detect proto-cancer mutations, what happens next? It can be a messy situation.