We Want Our Genome Story Digital Book

“We Want Our Genome Story” digital book takes you into the heart of the Genomics Revolution. Follow Artist, the hero and intrepid Genome Explorer, on a journey to discover our magnificent genomes. Which path will you choose?

Take the “Genome Explorer” path to learn what makes our genomes magnificent. Follow the “Storm Chaser” path for answers to her genetic disease. What happens next? Does she return to her studio with her Genome Story?

Here’s a hint: Whether young or not so much, we’re all students in elementary genome-school together. You can buy “We Want Our Genome Story” from Apple Books in 2022. Ask to be notified when available. See more of it now.

For Genome Explorers like you

Not a guide to the best consumer DNA test, “We Want Our Genome Story” digital book is for millions of us who already have our DNA data. We are a vanguard of Genome Explorers. We want to know more and what’s coming next.

The National Human Genome Research Institute (NHGRI) can tell us. Check out their “Bold Predictions for Human Genomics by 2030” (here). Building a Pangenome and digging into the non-coding Dark Zones are some of the exciting goals. 

As research uncovers the full spectrum of human variation, your Genome Story expands with valuable information. Saving lives, maybe your own! Artist is your guide to the potential and possibilities, the wonder and beauty in our Genome Stories.

"We Want Our Genome Story" digital book by Lynn Fellman

Dig into the science behind your Genome Story

"We Want Our Genome Story” digital book by Lynn Fellman

More than a story

A person named Artist is curious about genomics, the study of all our DNA. She wonders, “What is a genome exactly? What does it look like?” Simple questions, and yet, dig into the science and you’ll find a whole lot of amazing.

"We Want Our Genome Story” by Lynn Fellman

Science backstory

Tap on her questions to find the science behind the story. They all link to stuff you don’t want to miss. “De novo mutation, what’s that? Dark zones, are they scary?” Never fear; jargon-free explanations make will you genome-smart.

"We Want Our Genome Story” by Lynn Fellman

Discover more

Discover more from podcasts, videos, scientific papers, and interviews with scientists. You’ll learn how fantastic our genomes truly are, and why it’s essential to be genome-literate in the Twenty-first Century.

DNA vs Genome. What's the diff?

Artist says genome. You say DNA. What’s the diff? Your genome is all of your DNA. The sum of the DNA on 46 chromosomes + DNA from genes in mitochondria = your genome. Did you know direct-to-consumer companies test only a fraction of it? What if you could get all of your DNA tested?

That’s what Whole Genome Sequencing (WGS) delivers. What treasures could your billions of bits reveal? WGS can find the code for extra-sensory powers or rare, life-enhancing mutations that only you possess. It’s the kind of wonderment in our genomes that Artist explores.

Did you know?

We are a mosaic of genomes. Each of us has one genome comprised of chromosomal and mitochondrial DNA. This mighty genome exists in every* cell of our body. Yet, most cells have small changes to the AT and CG base pairs that change the genetic sequence — making us a mosaic of genomes.

The changes are usually harmless, but some mutations could contribute to cancer. What happens when proto-cancer mutations are detected? When to act or only observe? Read about the challenge physicians face with the profusion of highly detailed information.

Pastel painting by Lynn Fellman