The Genome Story SciArt Collection

arriving in 2020

“We Want Our Genome Story” eBook will be published on Apple Books. Would you like to be notified when it’s available?

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The Genome Story SciArt Collection

Many of us have our genetic ancestry and some data about our genes and health. It’s the basic, rough sketch of our biology. You can imagine there is research about our genomes we don’t know or learn from the news.

The SciArt Collection is a series of work illuminating areas of genomic science that don’t make the headlines — created to ignite your curiosity to know more about the science-in-you. It’s the basic research that will light up your genome with new, relevant knowledge.

Genome Story Coloring Book

coloring book

Are you science-curious? Do you like to color while you learn? Not just for kids, “We Want Our Genome Story Coloring Book” is for humans at any age. The art, story, and science are on 30 pages of high-quality, heavyweight paper that is suitable for pencils, pastels, markers, and watercolors. Let your inner artist and scientist shine.
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Note cards

The note cards come in a set of three, 4.25 x 5.5-inch cards that are blank on the inside. They are modified versions of the “Structural Variation” series of fine art prints specially designed for the artist and scientist-in-you. An explanation of the dark zones and structural variation in our genomes is on the back of each card.
structural variation fine art print

Fine Art prints

The fine art prints are a series of images about the structural variation in our genomes. They are pastel paintings, digitized, and then manipulated to mimic the insertions, deletions, and repetitive elements that drive structural variation. The finished work is printed on museum-quality, archival paper with pigment inks.