We Want Our Genome Story Coloring Book

Let your inner artist and scientist shine.

Are you science-curious? Do you like to learn while you color? Whether young or young-at-heart, ”We Want Our Genome Story Coloring Book” is for humans at any age. After all, as the First Gen to have our DNA data, we’re all students learning together.

The Coloring Book has the first chapter of the ebook on 30 pages of high-quality, heavyweight paper. Use pencils, pastels, markers, and watercolors to color while you learn — and let your inner artist and scientist shine.

Did you know?

SciArt is a thing. A real art movement. In the olden days (20th Century), people thought science and art were separate domains. Now we know better — science and art complement each other. Whether contemplating the fundamental laws of nature or a masterpiece of art, we feel wonder and a sense of awe. Put together, science and art illuminate the world around us. Curious to know more? Check out my post about the SciArt movement and examples of the two domains intersecting.

"Genome Story" coloring book Lynn Fellman

Color while learning about your genome.

follow the story

The story opens with a person named Artist in her studio, making art about the science-in-us. When a young visitor asks, “What does my DNA say about me?” Artist didn’t know the answer. But she is determined to learn and goes on a quest to find her Genome Story. What happens next?

get the science

Before turning the page, check out the graphics next to Artist and her story. You’ll find answers to: Where is my genome? What is a gene? Can scientists edit my genome? As you color, you’ll discover that you’re part of something big — a history-making, human-wide, Genome Story adventure.

You are a Genome Explorer.

Have you sent a sample of your DNA for genetic testing? Congratulations! You’ve joined the Genomic Revolution. You are a Genome Explorer — in good company with more than more than 26 million in the U.S. who have their DNA data. Artist says, “Watch your data grow with new and valuable information as science advances. It’s your Genome Story — know it, own it, share it, and protect it.”

Pastel painting by Lynn Fellman