Artist for genomics

Artist for genomics

It’s essential for all of us — taxpayers and policymakers — to understand basic science concepts. As the first generation to have our whole-genome data, we have a responsibility to make just and ethical public and government policies. Future generations are counting on us to get it right.

The problem is presenting the value and benefits of genomic research in a clear and engaging way. My solution combines accurate information with poetic visualization. Combining art and story to illuminate the beauty and benefit of genomic and evolutionary science is my passion as an artist and as a responsible citizen.

To get the art and story right, I study current scientific literature, attend scientific conferences, and work with scientists. Then I write, design, and illustrate to explain what it’s all about and why we should care. The outcome could be an art exhibit, an animated video, or an interactive eBook. See examples on my company website. 

Some of the organizations that have supported my work:

Fulbright Senior Scholar award to Israel. Produced “Gene Cross Talk for Coevolution,” a three-minute animation about research by an evolutionary geneticist at Ben-Gurion University of the Negev, Israel.

National Science Foundation (NSF) and the Robert Wood Johnson Foundation. Produced digital tools for the Genetics and Genealogy summer camp at Penn State and as curriculum for biology students at Spelman College.

Visiting Scholar and Journalist Residency at the National Evolutionary Synthesis Center. NESCent was a think tank at Duke University and funded by NSF for innovative, cross-disciplinary research in evolutionary science.

I’m a member of the National Association of Science Writers, the Philosophical Society of Washington, D.C., and serve on the executive board for the Genome Writers Guild — a genome engineering society building a better future for humanity through genome engineering and public education.