About Lynn Fellman artist-author for genomics
Lynn Fellman artist-author for science
Character in “We Want Our Genome Story” digital book

About artist-author Lynn Fellman

I’m an independent artist and Fulbright Senior Scholar writing and drawing about the beauty and value of genomic science. “We Want our Genome Story” digital book is my true story as a Genome Explorer.

The National Science Foundation, Cold Spring Harbor Lab, universities, and scientific organizations have supported my work. My credentials are listed here. More about my background and creating the DNA Portrait Exhibit is on my other website, FellmanStudio.com.

You’ll spot an art + story + science theme throughout my work. It’s my cunning plan to entice with beauty to spark your curiosity. Coax you to experience the wonder of our magnificent genomes. Nudge a desire to understand genomic science — and become an advocate for scientific research. More on my philosophy here.

We need science-savvy citizens to guide ethical and inclusive policies now that we can engineer life. As the First-Gen to have our data and early pioneers on the genomics frontier, it’s up to us to build a good foundation for future generations.

The Genomic Revolution will change us; it changed me. I morphed into a Genome Explorer and fierce advocate for science. I’ve been exploring the science of our magnificent genomes with art and story ever since.

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