We Want Our

Genome Story

Interactive digital book for all humans at any age

Genome digital book and artist Lynn Fellman

This is a true story.

I’m an artist who writes and draws about genomic science. Little did I know I had a genetic disease. What a shock! I got treatment, got healthy, and along the way, made the eBook, “We Want Our Genome Story.” It’s my true story as a genome explorer and cancer survivor. Peek inside the digital book.

You’ll meet my avatar, “Artist,” in the illustrated layer of the story. When you open the eBook, hop around. Look for hidden gems. Tap buttons to open explanations of the science behind her journey. You will find how fierce and fantastic our Genome Stories can be. You can buy it soon! The digital book will be available in the Apple Book Store in early 2021.

We are all Genome Explorers.

Have you had your DNA tested? Yes? Congratulations! You are a Genome Explorer. “We Want Our Genome Story” eBook is made for you. As the First Gen to have our code, we are students learning together.

The character Artist, in the digital book, leads the way. Asking questions. Seeking knowledge. Finding the wonder. Weaving explanations of science into her illustrated journey. Inspiring you to be genome-literate for the twenty-first Century.

SciArt Collection

The SciArt Collection is a series of work illuminating areas of fascinating genomic science. Basic and translational research that lights up our genomes with new, relevant knowledge. Created to ignite your curiosity about the science-in-you.

“Dancing Helix” original fine art print

Fine Art Prints

The prints are a series of images about genomic structural variation and the dark zones in our genomes. Printed with archival paper and inks, they include a sidebar about the science.

“Double Helix” notecards


The notecards are variations on the dark zones in our genomes. Available in two sets of vibrant designs — they are specially made for the artist and scientist-in-you. And shipping is free.

"We Want Our Genome Story" coloring book

Coloring Book

Are you science-curious? “We Want Our Genome Story Coloring Book” is for all humans at any age. It has 30 pages of art, story, and science to make you smarter while you color.

Are you ready for the Genomics Revolution?

“We Want Our Genome Story” takes you into the heart of the Genomics Revolution. The convergence of science + tech + the big data of your whole genome integrated into your everyday life. A revolution can feel risky so we need to be genome-smart. To protect and share our data wisely. Promote ethical and inclusive public policies. That’s why Artist says, “Bring your curiosity and wonder, and you will find, your inner artist and scientist start to shine.”

Did you know?

There are dark zones in your genome. They are “dark” because long repetitive sequences and large, duplicated chunks are tough to map. Current, short-read methods aren’t up to the task. It’s a problem because that’s where disease-causing variants in genes can hide.

New, long-read methods can map the dark regions, untangle repetitive stretches and even find new genes. It is cool tech propelling advances in medical genomics. Check out my post about the Dark Zones of our Genomes for more about it.

Pastel painting by Lynn Fellman