We Want Our

Genome Story

Interactive digital book for all humans at any age

"We Want Our Genome Story" by Lynn Fellman artist for genomic science
Lynn Fellman artist for science her book "We Want Our Genome Story"

This is a true story

I’m Lynn Fellman, an artist who writes and draws about genomic science. Little did I know that crazy mutations were messing with my genome. What a shock! I got treatment, got healthy, and made “We Want Our Genome Story.” My true story as a Genome Explorer and cancer survivor.

It’s an interactive digital book available in the Apple Book Store in 2022. Peek inside now, and you’ll meet a person named Artist, my avatar, and intrepid Genome Explorer. With a sense of wonder and a bit of sass, she asks questions we all have.

Artist makes us think. Sometimes delight. De novo mutation, what’s that? How many genes, we don’t know? What she learns about the fierce and fantastic science-in-us will change you. (It changed me). And set you on the path to your own Genome Story.

We're all Genome Explorers

Have you had your DNA tested? Yes? Congratulations! You’re a Genome Explorer. You’ve joined a human-wide adventure that’s just getting started. As the first generation to have some of our genomic data, we’re first-time learners exploring our genome stories together. 

It’s a proper hero’s adventure — it could be surprising and thrilling; maybe baffling and vexing. Artist, the heroine of “We Want Our Genome Story,” leads the way — asking questions, meeting experts, and gathering knowledge — inspiring us to be genome-literate for the Twenty-first Century.

The Genomic Revolution

The Genomic Revolution is personal; using advanced science and technology to scrutinize your genome data, displayed and updated on your digital devices, will save lives, maybe your own.

The revolution is saving lives right now with the genome-engineered vaccine (messenger RNA) fighting the coronavirus. And CRISPR, the gene-editing tool that is scripting life for healthy humans and a healthy planet.

“We Want Our Genome Story” asks us to get genome-smart. To protect our data and share it wisely; to guide ethical and inclusive policies. That’s why Artist says, “We gotta be science-savvy citizens. As the First-Gen to have our data, future generations are counting on us to build a good foundation.”

SciArt Collection

Treat yourself or a colleague to a fine art print, book, or package of DNA note cards from my SciArt Collection. Each one celebrates the science that lights up our genomes with new, relevant knowledge.

“Dancing Helix” original fine art print

Fine Art Prints

Dancing Helix fine art prints are a series of colorful images celebrating the iconic double helix. Printed with archival paper and ink, they include a sidebar about the structure of DNA.

“Double Helix” notecards


Choose from a selection of genome-themed greeting cards and note cards in vibrant designs. Specially made for the artist and scientist-in-you. Shipping is free.

"We Want Our Genome Story" coloring book

Coloring Book

“We Want Our Genome Story Coloring Book” is for the science-curious of any age. It has 30 pages of art, story, and science, making you brighter while you color.

Did you know?

The human genome is now completely sequenced. Twenty years after the first draft, “a team of 99 scientists has finally deciphered the entire thing.” There was essential information hiding in regions like the dark zones that older sequencing machines couldn’t see.

New nanopore technology can map the zones by reading the entire sequence of all 46 chromosomes from end to end (telomere-to-telomere). It’s challenging work, and the T2T consortium is taking on the task.

The data from the T2T group is part of a larger project to build a Human Pangenome. The research will include DNA from all ancestral groups for a complete and accurate reference of the human species. It’s a huge and exciting project. Read my post about the extraordinary research that is Building the Pangenome.

Pastel painting by Lynn Fellman